CNC Milling Machinist in Naples at Apple & Associates

Date Posted: 6/19/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

This position is for highly-skilled CNC Milling Machinists with at least five years of hands-on CNC experience/training.  Openings exist on both 1st and 2nd shifts.

Main Objective:
To produce superior products following machining processes and procedures.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Troubleshoot and repair equipment when is not operating properly.
• Sets all tools on pre-setter for completion of set-up. Log all necessary tool shifts.
• Set up machines consistently, timely, and accurately to meet daily production goals.
• Makes adjustments to consistently meet blueprint specifications.
• Performs cleaning of machines, parts, and tooling regularly.
• Verify inspection tools issued to job are there and correct.
• Demonstrates responsibility for the safeguard of all company equipment and working tools.
• Demonstrates ability to streamline processes resulting in an increase of productivity and quality.
• Reads and interprets blueprints, planning sheets, sketches, and related technical data to determine tooling requirements, setup procedures, control settings, and machining methods and sequences.
• Enter commands to retrieve preprogrammed instructions from data base.
• Starts machine and monitors displays and machine operation to detect malfunctions.
• Operates machine manually to perform non-automated functions and when automatic programming is faulty or machine malfunctions.
• Calculates and sets controls to regulate machining factors, such as speed, feed, coolant flow, and depth and angle of cut, or enters commands to retrieve, input, or edit CNC machine controls.
• May confer with engineers, production personnel, programmers, or others to solve machining or assembly problems.
• Inspects product to specifications, using micrometers, calipers, fixed gauges, optical gauges and other precision measuring equipment.
* Responsible for completion of safety, process, and procedure training when required.
*  May assist in training new employees on machining operations and product inspection methods.

Education and Experience:

High School Diploma or equivalent required.

Minimum five years of directly-related CNC Milling operation and setup experience/training required.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements/Specialized Courses and/or Training:

Full working knowledge of machining properties of common metals and alloys. Good mechanical aptitude. Advance blue print reading skills. Proficient with measuring equipment and instruments. General knowledge of tool life. Ability to streamline machining process. Demonstrates housekeeping etiquette.

Machine, Tools, and/or Equipment Skills:
Machining and basic programming knowledge of any or all of the following CNC equipment: mills, lathes, grinders.  Experience using micrometers, calipers, fixed gauges, optical gauges and other precision measuring equipment.

Reasoning Ability:

Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions.  Ability to interpret an extensive variety of technical instructions in mathematical or diagram form and deal with several abstract and concrete variables.

Language and Communication Skills:

Ability to comprehend and apply language skills to the degree required to perform the job based upon the job requirements listed above.  Ability to verbally communicate ideas and issues effectively to other team members and management.  Ability to write and record data and information as required by procedures.


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